Comic books are one of the most popular forms of reading for many adults. For many of us, it takes us back to our youth, and inspires fabulous feelings of nostalgia for years long past. It's this nostalgia that creates the love of the comic book in so many people. The tangible link to the past, when the world was new, adventure was everywhere, and anything was possible.

Comic books, without a doubt, are an integral part of the American story. Actually, when it comes right down to it, they are as American as baseball and apple pie. Everyone has heard of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. The list goes on and on. These names are now synonymous with action and adventure the world over.

Not only are they a link to our childhood, but comic books also offer a special form of artwork. Comic books are probably some of the most interesting, creative, and colorful forms of artwork in the modern media. Entire businesses are set up to market these pamphlets of pulp dreams. Indeed, a simple examination of many of the comic books produced today will reveal artwork that in years past would have been called masterpieces.

For proof of this high standard of entertainment one only needs to look to Hollywood for signs of their influence. Movie after movie has been produced starring our life long heroes. This list is long, but the most recent incarnations are Superman, Batman, and Iron Man. The success of these movies only fuels the younger generations to embrace the same comics that their parents did, and then the awe and love affair begin a new with each generation.

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Source by David Hilton